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Clifton - 10403

€ 3.700,00  IVA inclusa

L’elegante versione in acciaio del cronografo automatico Indian Motorcycle in edizione limitata si caratterizza per il sobrio quadrante nero con scala tachimetrica sulla lunetta e sottoquadranti argenté e colimaçonné. L’estetica è perfetta per un segnatempo creato per rappresentare una delle case motociclistiche tra le più iconiche del XX secolo, che ha regalato al mondo delle speedster classiche come la Scout e la Chief. Le lancette di ore e minuti sono rodiate, mentre la lancetta dei secondi color rosso acceso riprende lo stemma originale dell’Indian. L’acciaio è il materiale del bracciale e della cassa che sul fondello reca inciso il logo della Indian Motorcycle Company.

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Movimento: Tachimetro, Data, Cronografo


Fabbricato in Svizzera
Movimento: Automatico
Riserva di carica: 48 hour
Frequenza : 4 Hz / 28800 Vph
Numero di rubini: 25


Forma: Rotonda
Diametro: 44 mm
Spessore: 13.3 mm
Materiale: Acciaio
Finitura: Lucido satinato
Tipo di vetro: Zaffiro
Antiriflesso: Antiriflesso su un lato
Fondello: Chiuso


Colore/Finiture: Nero/ & argentato/a chiocciola
Lancette: Foglia, con Superluminova®


Materiale: Acciaio
Finitura: (finitura) Satinata/lucida
Chiusura : Chiusura tripla pieghevole con fermaglio di sicurezza
Facile da intercambiare


Impermeabilità: 5 ATM (circa 50 metri)
Edizione limitata: Edizione limitata





For the Scout edition, the Clifton Club Indian® Legend Tribute, Chief® timepiece encloses a self-winding movement forged in a 44mm diameter case in polished/satin-finished steel stainless steel case with ADLC details.

The riveted indexes along with the hour and minute hands coated with green emission Superluminova® enhance the full black dial, surrounded by a tachymeter scale for speed measurements.

Looking more closely to the timepiece, a variety of signature elements from Indian’s design are displayed.

Immediately recognizable, the red chronograph second hand features the Indian “I”. The date disc with the “1901” mention recalls Indian Motorcycle® foundation’s date, which is also engraved on the back of the case along with Indian Motorcycle Headdress logo.

The Clifton Club Indian® Legend Tribute, Chief® edition is fitted with a 3-row polished & satin-finished stainless steel bracelet secured with a triple folding-clasp.

Each of these unique timepieces transcend the iconic spirit of Indian Motorcycle, while featuring exceptional design and craftsmanship and will be presented within a special box at the colours of Indian.

The Spirit of Indian Motorcycles®


Indian Motorcycle® was born in 1901, a time where the only other way to get around was on horseback or bicycle. At its heart, Indian Motorcycle is a story of two founders, the entrepreneur George Hendee and the renowned engineer Oscar Hedstrom, working together to make the world a better and easier place to explore. Which is why Indian Motorcycle today encourages everyone who owns and rides one of its motorcycles to “live stories worth telling”.

George Hendee was already successful from selling bicycles and at the turn of the century, the bicycles he built to export were branded as “American Indian”, a name chosen to embody freedom and adventure and something spiritual, just like the Native American Indians. As Oscar’s reputation grew in the cycling community, he experimented mounting this engine to the frame of bicycles; creating the very first pacer bike. This caught the attention of George Hendee at cycling races and approached Hedstrom in the autumn of 1900, asking him if he would be interested in designing a motor-assisted bicycle, he could sell to the public.